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Lakington, Archer. Archer Lakington was created by Polton Cross and appeared in “World Without Chance” (Thrilling Wonder Stories, Feb. 1939) and “Chameleon Planet” (Astonishing Stories, Feb. 1940).

Archer Lakington is the “ace colonizer” for the American Interplanetary Corporation. His years-long mission? To pilot Space Ship 17 “through the barren endlessness at the eastern limb of the Milky Way Galaxy, pursuing its journey in search of new worlds to be colonized or claimed in the name of the Corporation.” His only companion? His wry, pert wife Elsie. Unfortunately for Lakington and his wife, this can lead to long weeks of tedium in which they discover absolutely nothing of interest. But fortunately for Lakington and his wife every now and again they discover unusual places, like planets on which evolution is extraordinarily rapid, taking place over the course of a few days rather than millennia.

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