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Lake, Stormy. Stormy Lake was created by Thomson Burtis (Brad Allen, Rolph Burnham, Rex Donovan, Slim Evans, Russ Farrell, Rex Lee, Dumpy Scarth, Yankee Flier) and appeared in seven stories in Battle Aces and Sky Devils from 1931 to 1938, beginning with “The Devil’s Squadron” (Battle Aces, Apr. 1931).

During World War One American Lieutenant Colonel Garry “Stormy” Lake is a tempestuous and insubordinate Army officer who loathes authority and is continually insulting to the officers above him. He also finds new and creative ways to break the rules. Fortunately for Lake, he is a top pilot and can shoot down anything the Germans send against him, so Lake doesn’t end up in the stockade because of his bad attitude.

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