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Lacy, Major John T. Major John T. Lacy was created by Theodore Tinsley (Bulldog Black, Carrie Cashin, Jerry Tracy) and appeared in eighteen stories in Black Aces, All Detective Magazine, Detective Book Magazine, and Bull's Eye Detective from 1932 to 1939, beginning with “Amusement, Inc.” (Black Aces, Jan. 1932).

Major John T. Lacy is a Killer Vigilante known as the “Black Ace” and “society’s flaming sword.” During World War One Lacy was a commander of the 697th Machine-Gun Battalion in France, fought at Chateau-Thierry and had helped stop the Germans from crossing the Marne. After the war he was a Rootless Veteran. Outraged by crime, he brought together a group of like-minded veterans and formed Amusement, Inc., based in New York City and working out of the Cloud Building. The Major was made Field Leader of the Emergency Council For Crime Control. Lacy is assisted in his war on crime by four men: Sergeant Dillon, who had been with Lacy for a decade before the war; Charles Weaver, small, dark, and fast; Edward Corning, tall and heavy; and Pat Harrigan, a bad-tempered Irish cop who used to be Lacy’s enemy but came around to his way of thinking. The group take no prisoners and glory in the death of their enemies.

Lacy is tall and lean, with a trim, sandy mustache, a scarred upper lip, and an air of authority. He dresses well, including hat, gloves, and tailored top coat, and carries two Colt .45s in spring loaded shoulder holsters. He drives a fast roadster, uses a Tommy gun when he had to, and is licensed to make arrests by the government.

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