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Lacey, Red. Red Lacey was created by George Bruce (Captain Danger (I), Ivy Lane, Nick Rongetti) and appeared in sixteen stories in Popular Detective and Detective Novels Magazine from 1935 to 1950, beginning with “Too Tough to Die” (Popular Detective, July 1935).

Red Lacey is a private detective in New York City. He is hard-boiled, cynical, self-satisfied, and enjoys his life. He enjoys thumbing his nose at the N.Y.P.D. Commissioner and at the newspaper sleuths. He even enjoys the violence he inflicts on those who irritate him. He believes that crimes such as sass-talking him in traffic merit a pistol-whipping or having him beat the sass-talker bloody with his sap. “Lacey was like that, full of surprises, not always pleasant.” Lacey is mirthless and cruel.

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