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Kwan Ah Hing. Kwan Ah Hing was created by the Chinese author Su Yi and appeared in the films Shenbian Xia (1936) and Nu Biaoshi Sanxi Shenbian Xia (1949).

Ah Hing is a poor boy in the Kwan clan who is inspired to learn the martial art of the whip after reading the novel The Knight of the Whip. His ultimate intent is to avenge his father’s death at the hands of the Chou clan, but his master insists that he make peace with the Chous and unite with them to fight the Japanese invaders. After Ah Hing defeats Chou Chi Sing, the treacherous head of the Chou clan, Ah Hing and Chou Ah Ying make official peace between the clans and go to war against the Japanese.

In his second appearance Ah Hing fights the Mistress of the Spear.

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