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Kwa of the Jungle. Kwa of the Jungle was created by “Paul Regard,” the pseudonym of Perley Poore Sheehan (Abu, Captain Trouble, Doctor Coffin), and appeared in six stories in Thrilling Adventures in 1932 and 1933, beginning with “Kwa of the Jungle” (Thrilling Adventures, Aug. 1932).

Kwa of the Jungle is a Jungle Hero. Kwa is actually Nathaniel Rahan. His parents were flying across Africa when they crossed over a large, round valley ringed with mountains. Unfortunately, the plane crashed into this valley, the Valley of Mu. Mr. Rahan died on impact and Mrs. Rahan survived only long enough to give birth to Nathaniel, who was then adopted and raised by apes and given the name “Kwa” by an old ape, Kek, who teaches Kwa to speak with the animals of the jungle. Kwa grows up to be the white lord of the jungle. Kwa’s grandfather lives on a small estate at the edge of the African jungle, and Kwa regularly passes through the estate as he begins the transition to human society. Kwa eventually discovers the city of Ophir, befriends the other apes, and fights the “Beast Men.”

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