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Kuroda Morio. Kuroda Morio was created by the Japanese author Takagaki Hitomi and appeared in the serial “Jagâ no Me” (Shônen Kurabu, 1928, as a novel 1928, as a tv series 1956-1960).

Kuroda Morio’s father is a Japanese colonel, and his mother is the pure-blooded descendant of Incan royalty. In San Francisco Morio comes into conflict with the crime lord The Jackal, and Morio decides to get to the lost treasure of the Incas before the Jaguar and his men do. Morio ends up being helped by Kyôshin’o (pure-blooded descendant of Qing royalty), Chôya (Kyôshin’o’s servant), Kinka (Kyôshin’o’s half-Japanese daughter), and a half-Incan, half-Spaniard. Their adventures lead them through Arizona, into conflict with cowboys and circuses, and so on.

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