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Krechet, Anton. Anton Krechet appeared in over 800 stories in the St. Petersburg newspaper Kopeika and in one film from 1909 to 1916.

Anton Krechet is a cultured Russian, a natural aristocrat of noble descent. He used to be a bandit, but renounced his criminal ways, and wanted only to live happily ever after with his wife. Unfortunately, bandits, secret policemen, detectives, spies, and anti-Semitic stereotypes hound him and force him to return to a life of crime. For this they all die–Krechet kills them all, albeit only in self-defense. Krechet embraces the life of a bandit chief in full, and uses his bravery and nearly supernatural strength and hypnotism to enrich himself and his gang. Initially he and his gang work from his hideaway, the Wolf's Lair, but eventually he begins adventuring abroad. In his wanderings he travels across Western Europe and the entire Russian empire.

During the Russo-Japanese War Krechet volunteers, wanting an official pardon, and serves on the front lines. After outwitting the Japanese Army and strangling a Siberian tiger with his bare hands, he gains the pardon, returns home a hero, and establishes himself and his band of friends on an estate in central Russia, where he rules fairly and justly over the peasants. He also encounters a Robur-like Mad Scientist who Krechet aids in developing a maneuverable airship.

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