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Kraft, Horst. Horst Kraft appeared in the German dime novel Horst Kraft der Pfadfinder #1-313 (1913-1916 and 1919-1920); the series was reprinted in Norway in 1921 as Speidergut-Patruljen.

Horst Kraft is a German boy, late pre-pubescent (eleven or twelve), who sails to South America and travels across the continent, with his family and a number of other families. Kraft and his kid chums, including his sidekick, the inventor Stöpsel, get into a number of adventures there, and then, when World War One begins, Kraft, slightly older now, sails to Tsingtao, in China, and fights the French and English there, and then later in Gallipoli and then the German colonies in Africa. After the war ends Kraft resumes exploring. Among the places Horst visits are Macao, China, Japan, Alaska, Bangkok, North Africa, and Delhi.

Kraft endures earthquakes, shipwrecks, pirates, and hurricanes. He fights the Gaucho King and the Golden Phantom, enters "the Temple of Horrors," meets "the Prophet's Grandson" and German cowboys in the American West, encounters "Satan's ruble," gains a native companion, Mokitu, fights Amazonian headhunters, fights a Megatherium (giant sloth), white slavers, Japanese pirates, Yellow Peril opium kings in Shanghai and Japanese pirates, and Thuggee in India--as well as the "Mexican Judas," Pancho Villa, a Lost Race island, Lost Race white Chinese, clowns, and the Sugar King of Cuba. 

Kraft appears in stories with titles like “The Pirate Ship,” “Ten Days Robinson,” and “The Pampas Under Water.”

* I'm including Horst Kraft der Pfadfinder to the Best of the Encyclopedia category because of the imaginative content within it. The heftroman was in some ways average for ideasplosion heftromane, but that just means it's automatically in the Best of the Encyclopedia category. World-spanning High Pulp with imaginative content--what's not to love? 

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