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Koyala. Koyala was created by John Charles Beecham (Bruce Dayton) and appeared in four story serials and novels from 1917 to 1920, beginning with “The Argus Pheasant” (All-Story Weekly, Feb 10-17, 1917).

Koyala is a Superhuman. In the Netherlands East Indies Koyala, a half-white, half-Indonesian (her mother was from Celebes) woman, poses a problem for the Dutch colonists and other white visitors. She hates them, and wants them all to die: “When the last white man spills his heart on the coral shore and the wrongs done Chawatangi’s daughter, my mother, have been avenged, then Koyala will join the Hanu Token that call her....” The Hanu Token are the spirits which sometimes possess her, speak through her, and tell her hidden things. Various White Perils, especially corrupt Dutch, suffer from her acts, as she is responsible for numerous uprisings, but the good whites find that she can be kind as well as beautiful.

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