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Kosmacs. Kosmacs were created by Philip L. Scruggs and appeared in “Kosmac” (Excitement, Oct. 1930) and “The March of the Iron Men” (Excitement, Nov. 1930).

Karl Dietz is a Mad Scientist. Dietz, “scientist, wizard, madman,” creates a group of androids, “of black metal, gleaming dully in the hot sunlight.” Dietz believes that they can be made to work as a slave race for him, so that he can enrich himself. Unfortunately, the workers who the Kosmacs will replace take their arrival badly, and they begin engineering accidents to destroy the Kosmacs. Dietz changes his mind and decides to CONQUER THE WORLD! He has the Kosmacs kill the workers, and then puts in motion plans toward the “mechanizing the world, and eliminating the superfluous men from the earth.” After many deaths and much destruction, Dietz is killed and the Kosmacs destroyed.

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