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Korf, August. August Korf was created by the German author Otto Willi Gail and appeared in Der Schuss ins All (1925) and Der Stein yore Mond (1926).

August Korf is a German engineer who is in charge of the German rocket research project. Their chief rivals are the Rumanians, but fortunately the Germans, and Korf, are far in their lead. But the Rumanians launch first, and Korf is forced to investigate. It turns out that Korf’s assistant, Natalka Weiss, is the daughter of the Rumanian chief engineer, and she used Korf’s work to pilot the Rumanian ship herself. The trip ends badly, with Korf forced to rescue Natalka, who dies on the return trip to Earth. In the sequel Korf, having built a fleet of ships and a space station, encounters another group of rocket travelers and Theosophical Atlanteans.

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