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Klingsor, Loke. Loke Klingsor was created by the German author Robert Kraft (Atalanta, Frank Carter, Detective Nobody, Gentleman of the Air, Count Leo V. Hagen, Mister Nobody (I), Richard) and appeared in Loke Klingsor, Der Mann Mit Der Teufelsagen #1-10 (1927).

Loke Klingsor is a Superhuman. He is a hypnosis-wielding mastermind modeled on Guy Boothby’s Dr. Nikola. Unlike Nikola, however, Klingsor is a fighter of all things evil. He has allies, the Skalden. He has secret bases around the world, including one in the Andes staffed by Indian priests. Klingsor has a series of runes engraved on his back that are reportedly the keys to wealth, immortality, and world power, which is why a group of black magicians want to capture and flay Klingsor. But he is more than their match, and in fact is a master of SCIENCE!.

* I'm including Loke Klingsor, Der Mann Mit Der Teufelsagen in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because of their imaginative content. Boothby's Dr. Nikola novels are entertaining of, but Boothby didn't really have a model for supervillainy to follow, and pretty much wasted Nikola's potential. Not Robert Kraft, though; when he ripped off Nikola to make Loke Klingsor, Kraft knew exactly what to do with him: make him the protagonist in a series of High Pulp adventures which would include wonderfully pulpy ideas and have Klingsor be opposed by appropriately villainous and powerful enemies. Loke Klingsor is much the superior of the Dr. Nikola novels, in fact, and is one of Germany best ideasplosion heftromane

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