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Kitsura, Dr. Dr. Kitsura was created by the German author Ludwig Hofbauer and appeared in Der Pestkrieg (1927).

In Nakandscha, a remote mountain monastery in Tibet, the Yellow Peril organization The Yellow Wheel is planning to CONQUER THE WORLD! and commit genocide. Their goal is the complete annihilation of all white civilizations (for decadence and hostility to nature) and the creation of a utopian agrarian society inhabited by nature-loving Asians. The Yellow Wheel has members around the world, including Tibetans, Mongolians, and Native Americans. The scientists of the Yellow Wheel have created a plague which will achieve the Wheel’s goals. However, the Wheel has an opposite number, the Green Cross, staffed by heroic white people and funded by a German chemistry firm. When the Cross discovers what the Yellow Wheel plans, they send the Japanese scientist and physician Dr. Kitsura to Nakandscha to steal the antidote to the plague. He succeeds, but the Yellow Wheel unleashes the plague on the world.

A race war follows, with global panic, battles between a native American army in the United States and the white authorities, the death of a third of the population of Europe, the paralysis (a byproduct of the plague) of a second third of the European population, and the migration into Europe of hundreds of millions of Asians. Kitsura returns to Nakandscha and finds information there that leads him to Bacchus Castle, located in the rocky wastes of California, where he discovers the leader of the Yellow Wheel, learns that native Americans and Japanese have a common ancestry, and convinces the leader of the Yellow Wheel to work for the good of all mankind, not just Asians.

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