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Kioga (I). Kioga (I) was created by William L. Chester and appeared in twenty-five stories in Blue Book Magazine from 1935 to 1938, beginning with “Hawk of the Wilderness” (Blue Book Magazine, Apr. 1935); he also appeared in the film serial Hawk of the Wilderness (1938).

Kioga (I) is a Jungle Hero. Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Rand are boating off the coast of Alaska with their "Indian friend" Mokuyi when a current pulls them into the Arctic Circle, to a strange land north of Siberia. This land is surrounded by a ring of volcanoes, and the volcanoes and the current warm the land so that it is inhabitable. The Rands land and are met by the Shoni tribe, a friendly group of natives who are descended from Native Americans. (The Shoni call the land "Nato'wa"). The Rands stay there for a time until they are killed during an attack by a hostile tribe. The Rands’ infant son Daniel is adopted by Mokuyi and his wife Awena and given the name "Kioga." Unfortunately, Kioga is driven from the tribe when he is only six because of anti-white prejudice. Kioga survives in the wild, accompanied only by Aki, his pet bear, and the rest of Aki's clan. Later on Kioga befriends Mika, a silver-coated Arctic puma. Kioga eventually becomes king of the forest bears and "war chief of the Shoni tribe" after they have welcomed him back. He also saves a woman from hostile mutineers; this woman, Beth La Salle, falls in love with him.

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