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Kincaid, Tom. Tom Kincaid was created by William R. Cox (Duke BagleyThe Bat (IV), Captain Satan, Malachi Manatee, Patrolman Murphy, Phil Towne, Dan Trout, John Wade) and appeared in fifteen stories in Dime Mystery Magazine and three novels from 1941 to 1962, beginning with “Death’s Black Ace” (Dime Mystery Magazine, May 1941).

For years Tom Kincaid (later “Tom Kinkaid”) ran an honest gambling syndicate, based out of Hialeah, Florida, with “few raps and great profit.”

He had always been a gambler. It was in his blood. In the beginning he had thrown the book at them, using all the crooked stunts there were. He knew them all backwards. The police had been after him. Never convicted, he had often been arrested under the old name. but as ‘Tom Kincaid’ he had come back to form the only honest gambling ring in the world. Violence he had long since put aside.

Unfortunately, crooked gamblers begin muscling in on his operation, forcing him to respond to their tactics. “He stood well over six feet; his shoulders had the boxer’s slope. He was a tweedy, rumpled man, not one bit self-conscious. His brown hair was slightly mussed, his wide-set blue eyes keen and humorous.” He later moves to Las Vegas and begins solving crimes as an amateur detective.

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