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Kid Tarzan. Kid Tarzan was created by Joe Archibald (Dizzy Duo, Elmer and Pokey, Alvin Hinkey, Ambrose Hooley, Willie Klump, Windy Knight, Phineas Pinkham, Hattie Pringle, Walrus & Wishbone, Jonathan Wise) and appeared in three stories in Western Trails in 1929, beginning with “Tarzan of the Tin Ears” (Western Trails, July 1929).

“Kid Tarzan” is a boxer, discovered at a carnival in Butte by Jake Toomey and Sam O’Mara, two men who see in Kid Tarzan, the “Montana Mauler,” their ticket to Easy Street. And Kid Tarzan can “lick any guy livin’ who’s near my size.” But he eats voraciously, and there are other wacky misadventures to endure as well.

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