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Kiá. Kiá was created by the Portuguese author Reinaldo Ferreira (Herculano Calafaia, Dr. Duque, Fresquinho, Gil Goes, Jim-Joyce, João of Portugal, Juca, Musketeer of the Air, John Nobody, João Roxo, Ralph Williamson) and appeared in a number of stories in Novela Policial and Diabo from 1931 to 1935, beginning with “Kiá, O Rei dos Reporters” (Novela Policial, Jan. 29, 1931).

“Kiá” is the pseudonym of the best reporter in Lisbon. Kiá began as a seventeen-year-old cub reporter and immediately broke a big story for the Heraldo de Lisboa, and since then has been the undisputed “King of the Reporters.”

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