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Ki-Gor. Ki-Gor was created by John Murray Reynolds and appeared in fifty-nine stories in Jungle Stories from 1938 to 1954, beginning with “Ki-Gor–King of the Jungle” (Jungle Stories, Winter 1938).

Ki-Gor is a Jungle Hero. Ki-Gor is actually Robert Kilgour, the son of a Scottish missionary who is killed in the jungles of Africa. Ki-Gor lives alone in the wilds and raises himself. As a young man he saves Helene Vaughn, a society girl and pilot whose plane crashes in Ki-Gor's jungle. She, red-haired and beautiful, acts as his Jane, but eventually he helps her return to civilization. She returns the favor by marrying him, and they return to the jungle together to keep the peace between various warring tribes. Ki-Gor fights everything from hostile natives to giant sea serpents to dinosaurs to talking gorillas to Arab slavers to zombies.

Ki-Gor has two close friends besides Helene. The first is “Timbu George,” a.k.a. George Spelvin, an enormous African-American who was a former ship's cook but ends up becoming the chief of the M'Bala tribe in the "East Congo." Ki-Gor's other friend is N'Geeso, chief of the "Kamazila Pigmies;" N'Geeso is only four feet tall but is a ferocious fighter. Ki-Gor is blond with gray eyes and darkly tanned skin. Of course, Ki-Gor also has a little monkey pal and occasionally rides on a friendly elephant.

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