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Khan, Asaf. Asaf Khan was created by “Afghan,” the pseudonym of Herbert Jenkins (Malcolm Sage), and appeared in a number of stories and three short story collections from 1922 to 1925, beginning with Exploits of Asaf Khan.

Asaf Khan is an Afridi warrior, from the mountains around the Khyber Pass in Afghanistan, who serves the British empire by killing its enemies in Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. He is a ruthless mountain fighter who happily serves his English masters. He is well-known in the mountain country, and is regarded as “brave, enduring, hardy, and chivalrous,” but also capable of “the most appallingly treacherous and bloodthirsty crimes. ‘It is Pathan custom,’ he will remark in complete explanation.” In addition to working the British, Asaf Khan has been, at various times, “a rifle thief, a freebooter, a gay Lothario...(and) a peaceful night-watchman at an Indian railway station.”

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