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The Keyhole. The Keyhole was created by Alan Hathaway and appeared in seven stories in Crime Busters and Street and Smith’s Mystery Magazine from 1937 to 1940, beginning with “No Safety in Numbers” (Crime Busters, Dec. 1937).

A large man usually appears at crime scenes in Redwood City. He has “a supple ease startling for a man of his three hundred pounds. It got one quickly over the notion that he was a fat man. He wasn’t. It was all muscle….” His hands have “fingers with broken nails from handling type. An industrial expert could have told you they belonged to a printer. The printer’s name happened to be Colby Lyman.” Colby Lyman is also “the Keyhole,” the mysterious columnist “who had cleaned up more crime than a couple of police forces could have. Not even Renwick Overton, the publisher of the Index, knew that Colby Lyman was anything more than a linotype operator with a deputy sheriff’s badge and a yen for chasing cops.” As the Keyhole Lyman has a variety of agents who assist him in cracking cases. Lyman has frosty eyes and chews matchsticks while he thinks.

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