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Kern, Professor. Professor Kern was created by the Russian author Aleksandr Beliayev (Dubel, Ell, Hoity-Toity, Icthyander, Kachinskiy, Professor Wagner) and appeared in Golova Professora Douelia (1925).

Professor Kern is an Evil Surgeon Mad Scientist. He yearns for immortality and is willing to violate any law in order to prove his theories. But it is his colleague, Professor Dowell, who has made the discovery of a method for reviving the dead. So Kern kills Dowell in a car accident and then revivifies Dowell’s head, making him into a Brain in a Jar (with face still attached). Kern intends to use Dowell’s head to gain further scientific insights, but Dowell’s head alone will not provide Kern with enough information, so Kern begins raiding the local morgue for further heads, and when the morgue does not provide enough heads, Kern begins harvesting them from living bodies. Unfortunately for him, one of those heads comes from the girlfriend of the son of the late Prof. Dowell. Kern is ready to announce himself as the discoverer of the method of resurrecting the dead, but Marie, Kern’s former assistant, denounces Kern from the audience, and the police investigate and discover all.

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