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Kent, Buck. Buck Kent was created by Raoul Whitfield (Ben Breed, Dion Davies, Donald Free, Jo Gar, Gary Greer, Ben Jardinn, Captain MacLeod, Mel Ourney, Chuck Reddington, Bill Scott, Alan van Cleve) and appeared in sixteen stories in Air Trails (U.S.) and Zoom from 1928 to 1931, beginning with “Sky Medicine” (Air Trails (U.S.), Oct 1928).

“Buck” Kent is a freelance adventurer and aviator from Texas. He is a former range rider who loves flying and designed and built his own two-seater biplane, and now ranges across the western and southern parts of the United States, and even into Canada. He fights crime as a freelancer, but his heart is in exploration and simply flying across the remote spaces of the world. He has curly red hair and packs a Colt revolver in a side holster. His mechanic and co-pilot is Lou Parrish.

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