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Keiichi & Susumu. Keiichi & Susumu were created by “Kigi Takatarō,” the pseudonym of the Japanese author Hayashi Takashi (John Andrews), and appeared in the story serial “Midori no Nisshōki” (Kodomo no Kagaku, Jan 1939-Sept 1940 and Gakusei no Kagaku, Oct. 1940).

Keiichi & Susumu are a pair of Japanese boys who disappear while sailing outside of Tokyo. Inspector Saitō of the Tokyo police leads the investigation, but there aren’t any breaks until Susumu’s sister Chizuko gets a letter from Susumu telling her that he and Keiichi are fine and can be found at a certain latitude and longitude, near “the borderline between Asia and Europe.” Chizuko is kidnaped by two mysterious men and taken to Keiichi and Susumu, who are in the Land of the Green Rising Sun, a techno-utopia located under the deserts of Central Asia. The Land was founded by a Japanese man who wanted to succeed where Manchukuo, the Japanese puppet state in Manchuria, failed, and to embody Japan’s morals but live up to the potential that Japan has squandered. Unfortunately, the leaders of the Land still view Japan as their moral compass, and when Japan launches the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1937 the Land blows itself up.

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