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Keen, Westrel. Westrel Keen was created by Robert W. Chambers (Cardigan, Rue Carew, Francis Gilland, Green Mouse Society, William Manners, Special Messenger, Percy Smith) and appeared in six stories from 1905 to 1910, beginning with “The Tracer of Lost Persons” (The Saturday Evening Post, June 17, 1905); several of the stories were collected in The Tracer of Lost Persons (1906).

Westrel Keen is a "sleepy-looking elderly gentleman" who runs Keen & Co., the "Tracers of Lost Persons" agency. They "are prepared to locate the whereabouts of anybody on earth." And they do mean anybody: not only will they look for and find someone's ideal woman (or man), they will also find the human version of someone's idealized woman (in one story they help the creator of a Gibson Girl-like creation find the human equivalent), and will even help a love-struck adventurer restore a centuries-comatose Egyptian woman to life. Keen & Co. are a well-staffed company full of clever young women and informants on every level of society and in every country in the world. Their files are incredibly detailed, and it seems that there is no one that Keen & Co. do not have information on or cannot get information about.

Mr. Keen himself is suspiciously intelligent and well-informed. In one story he casually reveals that he is an expert Egyptologist and in another he off-handedly mentions that he has cracked hundreds of the most difficult ciphers, leaving the impression that there are many other fields in which he is an expert, but that he is not usually called upon to reveal his knowledge. He also has reduced the "superficial muscular phenomena and facial symptomatic aspect" of people to a system so that he can automatically tell what a person is feeling and when they are in love.

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