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Kearney, Kyack. Kyack Kearney was created by George Gilbert (Quick-Draw Kid) and appeared in “Kyack Kearney” (Western Story Magazine, Aug. 24, 1929) and “Kyack Kearney’s Hidden Chance” (Western Story Magazine, Sept. 28, 1929).

John Henry “Kyack” Kearney is a working cowboy, driving and trading cattle and horses for pay, and to all appearances is “merely another of the wanderers of the wastelands.” His riding equipment is “without ornament. No gun bobbed at his hip, and no belt with shiny shells circled his figure.” But he’s a very quick draw, makes verbal mincemeat of someone who sasses him, and when he sees a powerful but corrupt man, he does his best to undermine that man’s power.

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