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Kaplan, Hizir. Hizir Kaplan was created by the Turkish author A. Samancigil and appeared in Meshur Türk Polis Hafiyesi Hizir Kaplan'in Gizli ve Korkunç Dosyalari #1-9 (1943).

Hizir Kaplan is a Turkish police officer who is feared by criminals and well-respected by ordinary citizens. He is a confident, patriotic Turk, industrious, strong and athletic, and even able to defeat a bear while armed with nothing more than a penknife. His cases appear to be supernatural, but Kaplan always finds the very mundane (if brutal and wicked) criminals behind the spooky events.

Kaplan appears in stories with titles like “The Undead,” “The Walking Skeleton,” and “Among the People of the Graveyard.”

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