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Kander, Harri. Harri Kander was created by the East German author Karl-Heinz Hardt and appeared in Flieger-Revue #3 (1956) and Die Abenteuer des Fliegenden Reporters Harri Kander #1-15 (1957-1958).

Harri Kander is an East German “flying reporter” who travels around the world with his wife Katherine and his friend Walter Winter, uncovering capitalist corruption and undoing the schemes of the running dog capitalists. During World War Two Kander was a Luftwaffe pilot who defected to the Maquis in Holland, thereby getting himself on the Gestapo’s target list. After the war ended Kander went to East Germany and became a newspaper reporter.

* I'm including the Harri Kander stories in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because they are archetypal. Certainly not the first East German luftromane, the Harri Kander luftromane are nonetheless the summa of what came before. Two-fisted East German hero, check; running dog capitalist oppressors as enemies, check; the hero traveling widely to support the cause of world Communism, check; each story ending with the triumph of Communism over capitalism, check, check, check. Die Abenteuer des Fliegenden Reporters Harri Kander was the longest-running of the East German hero heftromane, and none of them ever did the Communist-pulp-hero better. 

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