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Kairala, Inspector. Inspector Kairala was created by “Marton Taiga,” the pseudonym of the Finnish author Martti Löfberg (Kid Barrow), and appeared in over 100 short stories and at least two story collections from 1932 to 1969.

Inspector William J. Kairala is a policeman modeled on J.G. Reeder. He works in Helsinki and is large, tending toward fat, and is disillusioned, even melancholy, about people. For all that he is genial, mild-mannered, and good-humored, and although he is a hard worker and an efficient policeman he is sensible enough to ignore small crimes, like drinking during the Prohibition, to focus on truly dangerous crimes and criminals. He is active among both the upper classes and the proletariat, and even consults with the Estonian police in Tallinn in a few cases. Kairala smokes cigars during cases as a way to focus his thinking.

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