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Kah, Princess. Princess Kah was created by Elsie van Name and appeared in the film serial The Silent Mystery (1918).

Princess Kah is the leader of a cult of Egyptians who are victimized by the theft of the “Eye of the World,” a precious stone, from the mummy of a Pharaoh. Princess Kah goes to the United States to get the stone back, and serial hijinks take place, including ghostly strangling hands, an undersea city run by criminals who want to CONQUER THE WORLD!, and a Mad Scientist who, Victor von Frankenstein-style, creates a ten-foot-tall creature out of body parts.

* I'm including The Silent Mystery in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because of the imaginative content within it. Of course The Silent Mystery is fun--just read that plot summary again. But what's really good about the film serials is that every episode had some bit of imaginative fantastika to accompany the usual film serial hijinks. Let's just say that the Frankensteinian Mad Scientist, fun though he is, doesn't even grab top billing on the list of neat concepts and ideas in The Silent Mystery. It's a real shame that the film is lost, because from what we know about it the film has a lot to recommend it. 

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