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Ka-Zar. Ka-Zar was created by Bob Byrd and appeared in Ka-Zar #1-3 (1936-1937); he later appeared in Timely and Marvel comics and is still active.

Ka-Zar is a Jungle Hero. Ka-Zar is actually David Rand, the son of John and Constance Rand of New York City. The Rands are flying over the "heart of the Congo" when their plane loses power and crashes. The Rands are killed and three-year-old David is adopted and raised by "Zar the lion." By the time David (now “Ka-Zar”) is a young man he has learned the "languages of the beasts of the jungle." As a young man he is a bronzed god, wearing only a loin-cloth and carrying only a knife and a bow. In his first adventure he kills Paul DeKraft, the man responsible for the death of his father, and in later stories he brings down a tyrannical Arab despot and discovers a Lost Race.

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