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Jungle Girl. The Jungle Girl was created by H. Bedford-Jones (John Bradford, James Bronson, Denis Burke (I), Denis Burke (II), Burket & O’Neill, Peter J. Clancy, Dick Clews, Vincent ConnorCosgrave & Lundgren, Crawford, Riley Dillon, Colin Haig, Pinky JenkinsTertius March, Say-and-See Smith, John Solomon, Sphinx (II)Strato-Shooters, Hugh Tyrone) and appeared in “Jungle Girl” (Argosy, Mar. 10-31, 1934).

The Jungle Girl is a Jungle Hero. White explorer Hugh Cabot was attacked while traveling through the jungles of Southeast Asia, and the bandits who attacked him carried off his infant daughter. She was adopted by a native woman, Savi, and raised in the jungle, but Savi died some years ago and the girl raised herself. Now she lives deep in the jungle, calls herself Lana, has a pet monkey who she treats like a pet dog, and laughs at everything and enjoys life. “Her hair was hacked short and its golden yellow had been bleached by the sun. Her features were alert, dimpled, capable. Suddenly she smiled, and into her face came something of the same tenderness visible in the sculptured faces around.” She is discovered by white knockabout Frank Adams, and romance develops.

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