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Juan Sin Miedo. Juan Sin Miedo was created by the Mexican creator Jose G. Cruz (AdelitaBrenty, Letty Lou, Gerald Meldrick, Monje Negro, Nancy) and appeared in a number of comic strips, comics, and radio shows from 1939 to at least 1963, beginning with the comic strip “Juan Sin Miedo” (Pepín, May 11-July 27, 1939).

During the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) Juan Sin Miedo (Juan the Fearless) is a soldier fighting against bandits and the forces of lawlessness. While with the Army he meets and falls in love with Adelita. Through the vicissitudes of fate Juan leaves the Mexican Army and becomes a freelance adventurer, cowboy, and famous bullfighter, among other roles. Among others, he fights a band of grave-robbers led by a skull-masked chief.

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