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Jordan, Rocky. Rocky Jordan was created by Ray Buffum (Richard Rogue) and appeared in the radio programs A Man Named Jordan (1945-1947) and Rocky Jordan (1948-1950, 1951-1953). In his first incarnation Jordan is a hard-boiled owner of the Café Tambourine in Istanbul. In Rocky Jordan the Café was relocated to Cairo:

Not far from the Mosque Sultan Hussan in Cairo, stands the Café Tambourine run by Rocky Jordan. The Café Tambourine, crowded with forgotten men, is alive with the babble of many languages. For this is Cairo, where modern adventure and intrigue unfolds.

Jordan is a hard man whose adventures are usually topical, ranging from Communist intrigue in Egypt to grave robbers to the black market. Jordan often aids or competes with Captain Sam Sabaaya of the Cairo police.

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