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Jongor. Jongor was created by Robert Moore Williams and appeared in three stories in Fantastic Adventures from 1940 to 1951, beginning with “Jongor of Lost Island” (Fantastic Adventures, Oct. 1940).

Jongor is a Jungle Hero. John Gordon is the son of parents whose plane crashed in the exact center of the “Australian Great Desert.” In this desert Gordon’s parents find the land of Caspak, a preserved area of Lost Race prehistoric life, including dinosaurs. Gordon’s parents die (eaten by pterodactyls when he is twelve) and he grows up in Caspak, which is full of the degenerate (physically and mentally) descendants of the lost continent of Mu, serpent men, and the like. Jongor has the usual skills of a Tarzan (I) lift, but also has a mysterious bracelet which allows him to control certain dinosaurs. (He uses them for his steeds). Jongor eventually rescues Ann Hunter, a spoiled socialite, and the two fall in love.

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