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Jones, Bud. Bud Jones was created by J. Allan Dunn (Ace Ainsworth, Boru, Griffin, Peter Prime, Sleepy Sloane, Henry Smith (I), John Strong, Whistlin' Kid) and appeared in 164 stories in Wild West Weekly from 1927 until 1941, beginning with “Bud Jones of Texas” (Wild West Weekly, Aug. 13, 1927).

Bud Jones is a Corporal in Company F of the Texas Rangers. His father was murdered while working on a railroad construction gang. The murder was never solved, and since that time Jones wanted to be a Texas Ranger. As a boy and teenager he did chores on various farms, and it took years before he had the opportunity to join the Rangers. As a civilian he joined a company of Rangers, led by the grizzled Captain Halstead, and led them in capturing a desperate man-killing outlaw. For that act Jones was entered in the company of the Rangers, and now, as one of their best, he hunts down outlaws all over the United States and Mexico.

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