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Jones, Potluck. Potluck Jones was created by Ney N. Greer and appeared in thirteen stories in Street and Smith’s Western Story Magazine from 1937 to 1942, beginning with “Three Men in a Noose” (Street and Smith’s Western Story Magazine, Feb. 27, 1937).

As an infant Jones was found in a covered wagon near a dry water hole. Both his parents were dead, so the O’Neills, a pair of ranchers, adopted Jones and raised him next to their son, Tommy. As adults Jones and “Too-Bad” Tommy are a “pair of lucky lawmen, quick on the trigger and rough on rats. Bad medicine for bad men.” They have influential friends, including the governors of two states. Potluck is girl-obsessed and uses ivory-handled Colt .45s and a uses razor-sharp sheath knife.

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