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Jones, Necessary. Necessary Jones was created by Wyatt Blassingame (Bishop, Joe Fall, Allen Foster, Joe Gee, Ghost (II), John Smith (II), Thin Man) and appeared in a number of stories in Strange Detective Mysteries in 1941, beginning with “The Master of Suicides” (Strange Detective Mysteries, Mar. 1941).

Necessary Jones is a private detective in Birmingham, Alabama. He is a

pink-cheeked, affable looking young man. At first glance he appeared somewhat fat, but if you looked closer you saw that he wasn’t. It was because he was so completely relaxed and at ease and lazy-looking that he gave the appearance of being plumpish. But under his pink skin, his body was firm and hard. His favorite expression was, “if I’m not working, I might as well be resting.” That was how he’d got the name Necessary Jones. He did everything necessary to solve a case, and nothing more.

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