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Jones, Eddie. Eddie Jones was created by Dale Boyd (S.W. Humphrey, Tim Sloan) and appeared in seven stories in Super-Detective from 1940 to 1942, beginning with “The Dead Know All” (Super-Detective, Nov. 1940).

Eddie Jones is a Superhuman. The famous magician and performer known as “Aaba” has a Past:

Aaba was in reality Eddie Jones, American, ex-criminal, ex-sailor, who, through bitterness, had spent many years in the monasteries in Tibet, and as a chela to Lal Singh, one of the greatest of the lamas in Northern India. Now, in the United States, with the beautiful Zerda as assistant and helper, he played the night clubs, vaudeville, such as it was, and many private engagements…few people knew that Aaba the Absolute was in reality Eddie Jones, plain Eddie Jones, and that as Jones, working for an insurance syndicate, he was one of the most successful undercover investigators now operating.

Jones is a mesmerist and a mind-reader. He hates crooks and their treachery and has decided that as a former criminal he owes society a debt and that his soul would not be satisfied until he paid that debt by capturing many other criminals.

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