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Johnny & Harry. Johnny & Harry were created by the Italian author Fernando Bellini (Billy, Peter Johnson, William King, Joe Milton, John Palmer, Phantom of the Skyscrapers, Rama Sahib) and appeared in Avventure di Due Boy-Scouts Americani #1-30 (1930-1931).

Johnny Lion and Harry Fleck are a pair of American Boy Scouts who will inherit a ten million dollar legacy if they win a race around the world, which would also bring them a $50,000 prize. Unfortunately, two evil bankers know that if Johnny and Harry die, the bankers will receive the legacy, so the bankers attempt, repeatedly, to have Johnny and Harry killed. Between the bankers' hirelings and various dangerous natives and animals, Johnny and Harry endure a harrowing around-the-world trip, but ultimately they return home in triumph, the bankers defeated and the ten million dollars won.

Johnny and Harry appear in stories with titles like, "Among the Cannibals of the Amazons," "The Horrors of the Pampas," and "A Duel on the Trans-Siberian."

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