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João of Portugal. João of Portugal was created by the Portuguese author Reinaldo Ferreira (Herculano Calafaia, Dr. Duque, Fresquinho, Gil Goes, Jim-Joyce, Juca, Kiá, Musketeer of the Air, John Nobody, João Roxo, Ralph Williamson) and appeared in “Aventuras e Viagens Extraordinárias de João of Portugal” (De Portugal, June 1925-1927, and Civilização, July 1928-May 1929).

João of Portugal is a tall, bronzed, muscular man with the “simple virility that characterizes the men of Portugal.” During World War One he serves in the French Foreign Legion, and afterward becomes involved in an anti-British uprising in Egypt. João is then recruited to join the “International Police of Mesopotamia,” and as a Sergeant with that agency fights enemy spies, native rebels, and the Yellow Peril “Zamar the Monster.”

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