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Jirel of Joiry. Jirel of Joiry was created by C.L. Moore (The Baldies, Northwest Smith) and appeared in six stories in Weird Tales from 1934 to 1939, beginning with “Black God’s Kiss” (Weird Tales, Oct. 1934).

Jirel of Joiry is a noblewoman in medieval France whose castle is taken by the army of Guillaume, despite Jirel’s skill with the sword and as a leader of men. Jirel swears revenge and escapes from her castle into Hell. In Hell she finds the “Black God’s Kiss,” the weapon which she uses to kill Guillaume. In later stories she helps free Guillaume’s soul from Hell, pursues vengeance against an evil sorcerer and against Jarisme, a wicked enchantress, and goes into a haunted castle. Jirel is a spirited, independent, determined woman and a capable swordswoman. In “Quest of the Starstone” she meets Northwest Smith.

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