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Jim Big-Knife. Jim Big-Knife was created by “Stewart Sterling,” the pseudonym of Prentice Winchell (Johnny Hi Gear, Steve Koski, Eric Lewis, Vince Mallie, Ben Pedley, Special Squad), and appeared in “The Forty-Nine Frankensteins” (Dime Mystery Magazine, Apr. 1939) and “For Every House–A Corpse” (Dime Mystery Magazine, June 1939).

Jim Big-Knife is a “full-blooded Indian” private detective. He played football and threw the javelin at Haskell College, and after college went into crime-solving. He is grim and hard-boiled, with no sentiment, an impassive expression, and cat-like reflexes. He is tall, black-haired, with bronze skin and high broad cheekbones. His Lestrade is Deputy Chief Inspector Vansitter, of the Homicide Bureau.

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