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Jat, Captain. Captain Jat was created by William Hope Hodgson (Thomas Carnacki, Captain Gault) and appeared in “The Island of the Ud” (Red Magazine, May 15, 1912) and “the Adventure of the Headland” (The Red Magazine, Nov. 1, 1912).

Captain Jat is a tyrannical ship captain who is gripped by avarice. When he hears of a set of priceless pearls on a remote South Seas island, he sets off to steal the pearls, accompanied by his duplicitous cabin boy Fibby Tawles. If the pearls are guarded by native priests with lobster claws in the place of hands, and by the “Ud,” a crab the size of a car, well, Jat is willing to try to kill them to get the pearls.

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