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Janess, Polaris. Polaris Janess was created by Charles Billings Stilson and appeared in three story serials in All-Story Weekly from 1915 to 1917, beginning with “Polaris of the Snows” (All-Story Weekly, Dec. 18, 1915).

Polaris Janess is a Jungle Hero. Janess’ parents, a glory-seeking explorer and his dutiful wife, are stranded at the South Pole. Janess’ mother dies after giving birth to him and Janess’ father is crippled, although he is still able to care for and raise Polaris. The pair survive snow storms and the attacks of polar bears long enough for Polaris to reach manhood. Polaris grows up to be perfect in mind and body, his father having taught him well. Then, Polaris’ father dies, leaving Polaris to make the long walk back to civilization and to carry certain important papers back to civilization. He saves a beautiful woman, Rose Emer, and meets other men, and discovers a Lost Race of Greeks and has other Tarzan (I)-like adventures.

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