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Jalu. Jalu was created by F. Orlin Tremaine (Bill Barnes, Easy Bart) and appeared in “Golden Girl of Kalendar” (Fantastic Adventures, Sept. 1939) and “Jalu of Radiant Valley” (Fantastic Adventures, Mar. 1940).

Adventurer and explorer John Kalen is approached by a mysterious woman, Jalu, to accompany her to her country, Kalendar, which is in the Andes mountains. Jalu is slim, graceful, enigmatic, and has creamy white skin which glows gold, and she is somehow interested in Kalen, so he naturally agrees to go with her. It turns out that Kalendar is wracked by a civil war between Jalu’s people and a band of renegades. Jalu makes Kalen king, and he brings peace to Kalendar and marries Jalu. Jalu is a woman warrior, spunky and independent, albeit willing, for some unexplained reason, to submit to Kalen.

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