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Jaggers. Jaggers was created by John Templer and appeared in appeared in twenty short stories and three novels and short story collections from 1936 to 1938, beginning with Jaggers, Air Detective.

Jaggers is a British aviator. He is a square-jawed, broad-shouldered, grey-eyed, smart, nervy pilot. He needs to be smart and nervy, and willing to kill in the line of duty, because he, along with his colleague Winks (a.k.a “the Winkle”) and mechanic Corporal Chubb, are part of a new unit, the Air Police. They report to Scotland Yard, in the person of Inspector Gasc, and take their orders from the Air Ministry, although sometimes they are seconded to Intelligence. Jaggers solves crimes like a stolen plane armed with a new kind of machine guns, missing pilots, stolen plans to airplanes, spies, and so on. Both Jaggers and Winks are good pilots, but Winks is the better, and even occasionally comes up with the solution to a crime.

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