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Jacko the Detective. Jacko the Detective was created by A. Donnelly Aitken (Victor Brand) and appeared a number of stories in the Favourite Comic and Merry and Bright from 1911 to 1917.

Jacko is Victor Brand's assistant and chauffeur. Jacko is also a gorilla. Jacko cannot speak but is quite capable of understanding Brand’s words and obeying his commands. Jacko is more than happy to help Victor in the course of his investigations, acting as a burglar and strong man for Brand. Jacko’s reward for his help is always a cigar, which Jacko enjoys smoking. Jacko can even play the violin, at which his skill is said to be superior to that of Sherlock Holmes. Jacko loves driving Brand, and wears a large cap, thick goggles, and an extra large overcoat when he drives. When not busy helping Brand with a case Jacko is happy playing with the children at the local playground.

* I'm including Jacko the Detective in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because he's fun. Gorilla cigar-smoking/violin-playing/children-loving/detective/chauffeur--what's not to love? The stories, while typical of the story papers of the 1910s, knew what the readers wanted and gave them a lot of Jacko, which is all to the good. 

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