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Jack & Francinet. Jack & Francinet were created by the French authors Henri de la Vaulx (Fifi) and Arnould Galopin (Allan Dickson, Francis Dormeuil, Doctor Omega, Fifi, Francis, Julot, Monsieur Paturel, George Edgar Pipe, Tenebras, Jean Tixier) and appeared in Le Tour du Monde de Deux Gosses #1-48 (1907-1908); the series was reprinted in Spain in 1912 and 1920.

Jack and Francinet are two adventurous French teenagers who use every means of transportation available to travel around the world, visiting the most remote locations and having remarkable adventures.

Jack and Francinet appear in stories with titles like “Escapes Beneath The Sea,” “The Red Hunter,” and “The Invisible Man.”

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