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Ixell, Baron. Baron Ixell was created by Oscar Schisgall (Conway Clark, Doctor Dyme, Masked Rider (II)) and appeared in thirteen stories in Clues from 1927 to 1933, beginning with “The Circle of Terror” (Clues, July 1927); four of the stories were collected in Baron Ixell: Crime Breaker (1929).

Baron Ixell is a wealthy amateur detective whose genius for investigation and solving crime wows the local police. Ixell is the conventional amateur investigator: handsome, well-dressed, strong, very knowledgeable, independently wealthy, fluent and able at disguise. He confronts a colorful array of villains: Monsieur Satan, a Parisian extortionist; the King of Crime, a Berlin robber and user of gas bombs; and the Circle of Terror, a Brussels-based gang of thieves.

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